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We are 15 students of the 4AL classroom of  David Maria Turoldo's High School of Zogno and this is our project.

The project is called "Green Jobs" and it's about creating a new green start-up, that is an eco-friendly company, entirely realised by us.
To achieve this, our team started from the consideration of the needs of our territory, Brembana Valley. We spotted that the inhabitants of the Valley are inclined to buy local products, for the great quality, but they just know a few producers. From this, our idea has born: to create a website where we can advertise a big number of producers, through a window in which they can add a short description of what they make, some pictures and, if it's available, even their website.



Our mission is about advertising the producers of Brembana Valley to supply to its inhabitants the opportunity to get to know them, supporting the purchase of great quality farm-to-table products.

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